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Looking for a fun and sexy workout that can help to firm your body and tone up your tummy at the same time?

Look no further! Not only you can have lots of fun and a good cardio workout with belly dancing, you will also learn to bring out your inner Goddess by dancing and swaying sensually in moves that will make women envious and drive men wild! 

Here's some information for you to decide if belly dancing is for you.

1) How will belly dancing benefit me?

Belly dancing is a low-impact exercise that is suitable for all ages. For those more mature in age, it is a good workout to enhance joint flexibility and in preventing osteoporosis.

Belly dancing is all about isolating body parts (hips, chests, stomach, shoulders, arms etc.), thus it can tone up these areas and improve the overall flexibility of your body. The use of props like veils can help to tone your arm and shoulders.

Not only that, belly dancing can also help to improve your coordination, balance, muscle tone and posture!

2) Am I too fat, too old or too young to take up belly dance?

Belly dancing is about celebrating and embracing a woman's body, regardless of your shape & size. It will help you discover the inner goddess in you!

So it doesn't matter what body size and shape you have and whether you are a student, a working adult, a home-maker or a retiree. Belly dancing is suitable for all. We have seen teenagers to grandmothers taking up belly dancing.

4) Sounds good! But I'm pretty shy to take up belly dancing alone, what should I do?

Of course, it is always great to have a friend who is also interested to learn belly dancing. If you have no accompanying friend and are the shy type, then joining a belly dancing class is just right for you! Don't worry about being alone. Belly dancing is so much fun and you will get to make a lot of like-minded friends.

On top of that, learning all the sexy moves will cure your shyness and make you feel more beautiful and confident as you gain better control of your body and know how to bring out the sensuousness of a woman's body!

5) Is belly dancing expensive?

Belly dancing is generally an affordable dance. Some investment might be needed for belly dancing props like belts and veils, but these cost are minimal. Course fees may vary for different levels of classes.

3) Is belly dancing difficult to learn?

Learning to do the belly dance might seem like a difficult thing to do because you will be using muscles that you probably never use before. However, it is possible to master it with practice and with a good belly dancing instructor.

All our belly dancing instructors are professional belly dancers and have many years of experience teaching belly dancing to women of all ages, especially beginners.


Now, envision yourself looking toned and taut in that gorgeous mid-driff bearing belly dancing costume. Like a natural, you start grooving sensually to the exotic rhythm, while the audience (or your partner) gets mesmerized by you! Wouldn't that be nice?

All these are possible! Take the first step to become an exotic belly dancer now by filling up our class enquiry form below.  

We believe every customer matters and we continue to guarantee your satisfaction after you start your belly dancing class.

If the belly dancing teacher is not teaching satisfactorily, we will provide a refund or switch of belly dancing teacher at no additional cost.

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Our studio is in Somerset area. Beginner classes are currently available on Tue/Wed evenings and Thur morning only.

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"My belly dancing instructor is really fantastic, she made sure we get our foundation right and taught us useful hip techniques along the way. We are able to complete 1 song routine at the end of the course." ~ Jo Wong, 36 years old, Part-Time Nurse

"Even though I hesitate initially at the thought of joining alone, I'm glad I went ahead with the beginners class. It was so much fun and I even met some ladies like me who came alone too!" ~ Lynette Loh, 24 years old, Accountant

"It's a fun workout! Definetely a good alternative to the standard exercises like swimming and brisk-walking. Plus, I get to make new friends too! ~ Tan Kim Meng, 58 years old, Home-maker